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Introduction to 1.5mm macrame cords. MonoMey Studio 1.5mm macrame cords are popular choice for crafting enthusiasts. It is available in materials like jute and cotton. These cords are ideal for creating intricate macrame designs. What are the benefits of using 1.5mm macrame cord? Firstly, the thin diameter of the cord allows for detailed knotting. Also the cords are flexible and easy to manipulate. And, cords are durable and holds knots securely. 

What you can create with 1.5 mm macrame cords? 

  • Create beautiful bracelets and necklaces with intricate knotting.
  • Design stunning wall hangings and plant hangers using the cord.
  • Make keychains, bag charms, and more with this versatile material.
  • Crochet bags, baskets and rugs.

MonoMey Studio 1.5mm macrame cords are must-have for any crafter. Its versatility and durability make it perfect for various projects. Try using different materials like jute cord, cotton cord, and twine for unique creations.