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What is 4mm Macrame Cord? The 4mm macrame cord refers to a type of cord that measures 4 millimeters in diameter. It is typically made from premium quality cotton or polyester fibers, ensuring durability and strength. This cord's thickness makes it ideal for creating intricate macrame designs while providing stability and support. What is more, MonoMey Studio 4mm macrame cord was created specially for making crochet projects. These cotton and polyester 4mm cords are soft to crochet, knit and make macrame knots. 
Whether you are creating wall hangings, plant hangers, jewelry, crochet bag, purse or home decor items, such as baskets, placemats and rugs, the 4mm macrame cord provides endless possibilities for your creative endeavors. So grab a spool of this fantastic cord and let your imagination run wild in the world of creativity!